Gray log capacity planning/sizing

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We are planning to deploy gray log server in our enterprise environment. Approx event per second are 15K ( 15000)… Log retention time will be 3 months.

Please support answer following question for capacity planning for this setup.

Number of servers required with each server specification for ex CPU, RAM,OS.
Storage capacity for each server.

Thanks & Regards,
Sushil Saini

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We can help you with capacity planning in the context of a Graylog Enterprise Support contract:

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Hi Jochen,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried to fetch required detail from shared portal but I do not find any document related to Graylog capacity planning.

Also I am not able to submit my query on through contact sales portal, please support to arrange a call back on following no to discuss it or share sales spoc email/contact detail to discuss this requirement.

Thanks & Regards,
Sushil Saini

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Hi Sushil,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we received your contact sales request. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Warm regards,


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