Graylog Server minimum requirements

i’m new to Graylog and i’m thinking about it to put in place a simple log management platform. I really need to know which are the minimum and recommended requirements for a graylog server that need to ingest about 10-15 milions log per month, in particular how i have to size the disk (i think i’ll need to have about 1 month of retention).

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the math is not easy - specially if you have no information what you ingest and want to keep for one month.

I would create a Graylog, ingest a given sample - or the complete environment for a day - after that you can calculate what you need to the month.

ok, and regarding the other requirements (cpu, ram)?
There’s nothing official written in the documentation, that’s why i’m asking this.

because no official statement can be given.

When you would like to have numbers in the documentation you would need to write what device is sending what kind of message in and be very specific. Also what kind of normalisiation you run on the logs needs to be very specific. So that this can’t be seen as any recommendation.

Trust me - every setup is snowflake.

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