Best hardware setup for medium sized

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I have a question
. I want to install Gray log software for my company. Our company has 30 servers and 120 employees. Please tell me what system specifications are suitable for installing my server I need the system specifications including the amount of CPU and hard disk and RAM ?
Note: A virtual machine must be installed for the Graylog server

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Hello, @maghsoud110 (Mohammad),

Thank you for asking the community. Please send me your email at and I will connect you with someone here at Graylog who can answer all your questions.

– David

Hello David

I sent you an email
Thank you for your kindness

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Thanks, Mohammad. I responded to your email. Let me know if I can help further in any way.

I am not sure if it is up to date, but the document posted here has some useful sizing guidelines.

Apart from CPU/RAM/Disk allocations, my recommendation (from personal experience) is to always keep Graylog and Elasticsearch/Opensearch in seperate VMs.

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