Graph display granularity

There seems to be no way to choose data display granularity in Graylog 3.2. Previously, with Graylog 3.1, we could choose between year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute, etc. to aggregate the displayed data.

Right now if we set the search period to the last five days, the data is always aggregated by 3 hours. We need to be able to look at that data aggregated by the hour and sometimes by the minute. This is a feature we rely on for our everyday tasks.

Is this something that will be added later? Or am I missing something and this can be done with the current widget configuration?


You can change granularity when you edit widget and after that click on field which open bubble Pivot Configuration, where you can change Interval granularity, or uncheck Automatic and setup interval in specific Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months.

That resolves it! Thank you for the explanation!

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