Grant access to multiple streams

Version 4.0.7, after switch to “share” idiology.
I have a lot of streams, more than 100, do I really have to click each one, select user and press add collaborator?

In older versions I open user under authentication, click on view line and type or just click on missing streams in one location.

And after change I now need to add user read access to all streams - I have to click 300 times??

In rest API I found you can add multiple users to a single stream, but need to be really carefull with that, it has to have list of ALL users plus new one, it overwrites stream access.

Is there some rest API call to add single user to all streams?

Hey @anonimus, welcome!

Which api call did you find to add multiple users to a single stream? I must be overlooking it.

I don’t see another way to do it, but I think that if you iterate over all existing streams and just update with the existing config plus the new user it should work.

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Just stopping by and this post caught my attention. It been awhile since we added a new user on our Graylog server but if we do this is going to be a pain to add one user to 150 streams. Maybe submit a Feature request

system - nodes - API browser

Create / update shares for an entity or collection

Be VERY careful with this - it has to get full list of users - existing + new, it simply writes over everything

Thanks for suggestion. Did add request - add single user to multiple streams · Issue #11217 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub
Graylog2 / graylog2-server add single user to multiple streams #11217

@anonimus, I think that the API is a workable solution but it’s pretty inconvenient I’ll agree. It looks like you’d have to iterate over users ( [GET] /users) to compile a list of existing permissions and then update the streams with those plus the user(s) you’re adding. By the time you’ve written the requisite logic you may have been able to just manually go through each of the streams.

You might ask over in the dev forum, it’s possible they’ve already fielded this request.

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Dev forum? here on some other?

Yes, and then click on Development. It’s not especially active but I know there are a few experienced eyes on it.

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Nice, Thanks for posting a Feature request. :slight_smile:

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