Create stream using API

Hello there!

I’m Using Graylog open, and i want to create stream usin API, my issue is that i cant find how to grant access to “everyone” to the created streams, is that possible? Thanks.

Hey @krivos

Navigate to System/Nodes → API Browser ( click)

You should be able to see all your end points needed.

But there i can see the option to give permisions to streams to “everybody”, exists?

Permissions on entities are handled by a separate API, since it applies to all kinds of different entities, not just streams: POST /authz/shares/entities/{entityGRN}
So you create the stream first, then share it with the desired users or groups (in your case “everyone”).

The easiest way to understand how to use the APIs is to perform the desired operations manually in the UI and track the API calls in the browser dev tools.

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Thanks a lot Patrick!!!

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