Give access to Grok filter


I would like to give access to regular user to the menu
“System / Grok Patterns” in read only.

Because they don’t know which Grok is available when writing pipelines.

How can i do this ?
I searched in the API for the right permission, without success.

I don’t believe access to Grok Patterns is a granular permission. I believe it is a subset of a larger group. I have a request in for clarification on this and will report back with what I learn.

Good news. Bad News. Bad news first.

Access to Grok Patterns is not a granular permission.

Good News, it turns out that every user with the Reader role has read access to the grok patterns page.

Bad News again. We set the wrong permissions on the navigation link and it is hidden from the user (a fix will be done for 4.0).

More Good News. There’s a workaround. You can navigate to the URL manually:


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