Permissions Issue

Graylog v2.2.3 RHEL6 64-bit

I’m trying to remove as much access to the admin section of Graylog as a I can, while enabling users to create their own decorators using pipelines, but not allowing them to connect a pipeline to a stream. I have modified the Reader role to the following permissions:

"permissions" : [

This is mostly what I’m looking for. For users that need to create pipelines as decorators only, I have another role with the following permissions:


However, the Pipelines menu item is still hidden and if I manually navigate to /system/pipelines, I get redirected back to the home page. I added the last line for read only to connections as I was getting a 403 error when manually navigating.

Is there something I’m missing?


Should I open up an Issue in GitHub for this?

Yes, please open an issue on GitHub.

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