Get table with values instead of an histogram

I’m new to graylog and still exploring this very useful tool.

One thing I found is that when I do a search I’ll always get a useful histogram, that tells me the number of occurrences of something at each time.

The graphic is really good but for me to study the results or do some empirical analysis i guess it would be a lot more useful to have it on a table or something similar.

I did some search, but have not found how to change it.
Is there a way to do it?

You can use Message table widget to see results in the table:

Thanks for the reply.
Im working with version 3.1.4 if i’m not mistaken.
I don’t see any menu where i can choose that widget option.
Is that only starting from version 3.2?

Yes graylog 3.2 completelly reworked search, widgets and dashboard

Since i’m not the one administrating the graylog i have access, i would ask if it is possible to do what i ask using a version prior to 3.2?

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