Get logs with 24 minutes delay

Hi All,
there is a problem that logs are not shown in realtime!
I read all topics about this but couldn’t find any solution. can someone help me with this?


Please elaborate on your problem.

What’s the issue? What do you expect to happen? What’s the actual result?

Hi Jochen,
I want to see the messages in realtime. After I installed nxlog on my server I couldn’t see any things from my input but after 24 minutes I could see logs. To be ensure that I have delay, created a windows event and after 24 min could see it in my dashborad.

hope this could explain what’s the issue!

Is the system clock of all systems correct and synched via NTP?

Yes the system clock of all systems are exact and synched via NTP.

Are the timestamps of the messages correct?

it looks like this 2017-08-03 08:27:39.000. This is the last message that I received but time on my pc shows 8:51:13. so during this time my Histogram is empty.

Again the question: Are the system clocks of all systems in sync?

While it’s possible that the processing of messages by Graylog takes more than 20m, it’s highly unlikely. Usually this kind of problem is rooted in system clocks going wrong.

yes the system clocks of all system are in sync.

You could check the metrics for the respective input on the System / Nodes / Metrics page.

Also, make sure to check the logs of your Graylog and Elasticsearch nodes for warnings and errors.

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