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Hi guys.
I got trouble with our cluster graylog.Information about our cluster:
2 graylog nodes: 2 cores, 4GB ram.
3 elasticsearch nodes: 2 cores, 2GB ram.
and 1 mongodb rep.
All our configurations are default.
All our logs are about 5Gb/1 day.
And I see in a few days ago, input logs are not realtime.Here is capture:
How can I fix it in our configuration.

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Hej @kieulam141

did you check the timezones?

This looks like time settings are not what you expect.

(Kieulam141) #3

Hey Jan,
Thanks for replying me,
My exact problem is there are some mess have the same timestamp such as in my capture above.

(Jan Doberstein) #4

are all send devices in the same timezone that graylog is configured?

You might need to correct that with an extractor / pipeline or at the sending system.

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