Geoip auto deploy in a docker?

hi community,

For Geoip configuration in Graylog, is it possible to do an automatic deployment in a docker context?

Thx u very much, again…

That process can’t be automated - you need to agree to a license for the use of the maxmind database.

In addition you can use the discontinued free version or pay for the more accurate version. Depending on your needs you need to decide that active.

See here Special attention to

That file can be mounted after download somewhere to the docker image and then configure Graylog to use this file.

Does Graylog support other geolocation database such as IP2Location LITE? It supports large number of programming libraries.

It is better to support multiple providers to avoid sudden change in the provider policy that causing Graylog users issue.

Graylog does only support the geoip database format - if those others have the same format it can be replaced, if not, feel free to open a feature request for that:

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