GrayLog3 GeoIP does not work!

Hi I am new begginer of GrayLog Config
For now I have some problems with config. GeoIP for Graylog
I had installed my Graylog 3.2.4 on Ubuntu 18.04, then create one input for Linux Syslog use this configuration on my other VPS server, which I want to control and monitoring with Graylog:
sudo nano /etc/rsyslog.d/90-graylog.conf
Add this one line:
And That’s all I recive all data that I need
I want to use Graylog GeoIP, for it I had done next:

  1. Download GeoLite2-City.mmdb Database
  2. Put it in correct way “/etc/graylog/server/”
  3. DB is reading for Graylog
  4. Create Table lookup by this manuals:
    And many others
  5. I create pipeline rule:
    rule “GeoIP lookup: src_ip”
    let geo = lookup(“geoip”, to_string($message.gl2_remote_ip));
    set_field(“gl2_remote_ip_geo_location”, geo[“coordinates”]);
    set_field(“gl2_remote_ip_geo_country”, geo[“country”].iso_code);
    set_field(“gl2_remote_ip_geo_city”, geo[“city”].names.en);
    That I can get information about IP I add field “gl2_remote_ip”, which contains IP-address, BUT
    My World Map does not work and doesn’t show any information on the map
    In all guides that I read it must be src_ip or other field, which include IP in my case it is gl2_remote_ip
    Plz help me?
    What I must to do?
    I must create pipeline for extract ip from gl2_remote_ip and put it in custom field for example “ip_src”???
    Or What??
    I am stuck (

what is your processing order in System > Configuration ? If should be similar to

Check if pipeline rule added fields for GeoIP especially gl2_remote_ip_geo_location, which should contains GPS coordinates for map. If yes, create widget and add gl2_remote_ip_geo_location and widget type change to Map.

Thx for attention
Yes all is fine and works

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