MaxMind GeoIP2 not working?

**1. Hi, I have followed the exact instructions including ‘chown’ but my Data Adapter continues to show “Could not find a MaxMind DB metadata marker in this file (GeoLite2-Country.mmdb) Is this a valid MaxMind DB file?” I dont understand what I am doing wrong. I am using Graylog 5.0.2, please help

**2. Using Docker Desktop container on Windows 11, Graylog 5.0.2

**3. Attempted several times to remove and re-download mmdb file from my MaxMind account.

**4. Not sure what i am missing. Is there something else I can try? Is there a way to use MaxMind DB CSV instead of mmdb?

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which documentation did you follow?
could you please also provide your docker-compose?

I followed this doc at github GitHub - bsmithio/OPNsense-Dashboard: A functional and useful dashboard for OPNsense that utilizes InfluxDB, Grafana, Graylog, and Telegraf.

I also included the “chown” gralog:graylog for the mmdb as recommended here.

The docker-compose yaml I used is included in this github

help please? would a timezone mismatch cause the mmdb file to be reading incorrectly? Im at a loss of where to check/troubleshoot next. I have tried starting a fresh docker container, same issue.


if you are using the exact docker-compose.yml from the linked Github, then you must include the mmdb file - otherwise the Docker Image won’t know the file.

This is - for example - from my docker-compose.yml - service graylog:

  - /opt/graylog/GeoLite2:/usr/share/graylog/GeoLite2

Inside this folder are the mmdb files.

Furthermore you need to configure your Graylog instance via Web:

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Thanks valhaim,

I have checked the docker-compose.yaml file from the github. It already has a volume set in it like below, this should work?

  - graylog_data:/usr/share/graylog/data

My mmdb file is located at /usr/share/graylog/data/data would this not work?

I’ve sorted it out, i used wget instead of curl to obtain the mmdb file and now its all working, thank you for your help

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