Full_message is truncated in Graylog 2.4.5+8e18e6a

Our app traces are logged in Graylog but I don’t see whole trace. The trace is truncated. Is there any limit to the length of the message that we log or can we configure the length on GrayLog Configuration for full_message?

Yes limits are given, but as you do not share what length you try to send - or if you see any errors in the Graylog server.log or the elasticsearch log file - the only answer can be. That Lucene has a field limit of 32766 bytes, what is the maximum size of a field that is analyzed - like the full_message field is.

If you use UFT-8 to store messages you end up with 32766 / 4 = 8191 characters you can store.

@jan, Thanks for replying. We are logging json responses and normal stack traces of 6000+ characters. And I see only 500 or 600 characters of it. We are not truncating anything on our application.

maybe you can share a picture what you see … that would allow others to know exactly what you try to explain.

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