Maxmium message size in graylog

Hi All,

I am using file beat and graylog, would like to know what is the maximum message size Graylog support ?

The maximum message size supported by Graylog depends on a lot of different factors, such as the maximum journal segment size.

How big are the messages you’re trying to ingest?

At this point of time I dont have any specific message size, Basically we are trying to find the maximum size support by graylog, if message size is greater than supported size, then we need to stop or truncate the message from client side itself.

But Elastic search support only 32 Kb per message right ?

No, that’s roughly 32 KiB per field, if the field is being indexed.

I have a similar problem. I´m trying to ingest log entries of up to 100MB. Average size is 50MB.

Whats is the maxsize graylog can support?

you should read the complete github issue that is referenced above your posting.

Graylog does not have a limit, but Elasticsearch has a limits that can be changed by using a custom template.

Having Graylog working on up to 100MB log messages might consume more resources and might give you other issues during your normalization. You should rethink what you are sending into your central logging.