Fresh Amazon AMI instance is not reachable

I just created a new Graylog AMI to test. Following the instructions, I attempt to connect to the instance’s public IP, I receive an error " Graylog is currently not reachable…".

Checking the AWS side, I’ve ensured that port 80 is open, there should be no firewall issues to the instance.

I’ve also tried <public ip>:9000, but that times out. To make sure it wasn’t an instance performance issue, I switched to a large instance and get the same result.

I’ve also tried changing the config file to add my public IP as the external address, but again, no effect.

How can I get connected?

I spent more time on this, I terminated and recreated the an instance with the AMI image. It now works if I go to the ip address directly.

Now my issue is that I would like to run it behind an Amazon ELB, which behaves like a reverse proxy. How do I get the AMI install to work with an address such as


the documentation covers that:

It is not a step-by-step guide but the pieces are given.

How about more details on how to set up the server.conf file for situations like

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