Forwarder Setup Wizard missing from Web UI

I am setting up Graylog in a test environment and would like to set up a forwarder. According to this page I should have a Forwarder option under Enterprise in order to activate the setup wizard. However, I simply do no have that option. I have activated my Enterprise license and have the Enterprise tab, but there is no Forwarder to be found. What am I missing?

This is a brand new install of Graylog from repository on Ubuntu 20.04.

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Hi @vbois , looks like this has been solved per a support ticket. If you still need input here, let us know.

For those curious, the forwarder feature in Graylog is only available in > 4.1. Updating packages to 4.1+ solved the issue.

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Is forwarder option only available on enterprise version and not on open source version?


Also @rahulkmbl
please don’t re-open a post from last year to ask a question. For a simple question/s you can post that in Graylog Discord channel,

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