Filter in Aggregation in a Dashboard

You used to be able to create a filter in a widget in a dashboard in early version of Graylog. Has this functionality been replaced in current Graylog V5.

I am running Graylog V5.0.3

Use Case
I want to create a dashboard that has a time range associated with it, that’s the easy part. Next I want to create an aggration which shows data which is sub filtered within the aggregation. Therefore If I change time range all other aggregations / widgets update.

You could think of it as a status dashboard (something like a vulnerability dashboard) with different services in each aggregation, giving an overall view

Anyone know if this is possible in Graylog V5?

Absolute date time range with search query “system=vulnerable”
Filtered on service e.g. SSH , SMTP within aggregation showing a count of systems

Any help appreciated

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Hey @Magneton

If I understand this correct, you still can. depends on the fields made/created.


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