Drilldown / Filter in Widgets / Dashboards

Hey everyone!
I’m Sven and quite new to Graylog. Forgive me if my question is too easy to answer, but i could not find a solution so far. Thank your for taking the time to help!

Description of your problem

I created a Dashboard that presents data i send as text using json to the GELF API. Data is presented fine, very slick implementation so far. What i would like to add would be a chance to filter the data based on certain properties. Example:
I’d like to be able to click on internal/external in the “Access mode” widget and have all widgets and the table update to the respective, filtered data.

Description of steps you’ve taken to attempt to solve the issue

Not much so far, really. Besides reading the documentation and experimenting :slight_smile:

Environmental information / Operating system information

Graylog on Ubuntu. All recent versions. No modifications.

Looks like what you want is to set up a dashboard parameter. You have to have an Enterprise (licensed) version of Graylog but is long as you are doing under 5GB per day, the license is free.

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