Filter for the private IPs

(Edgardo Izquierdo) #1

Hi, i needed do a question.

There is some parameter that detect automatic if any IP is private for the exclude use in the filter?

Now exists many subnets in my organizations and i am having problem at the time that apply filter ClientHost_country_code why the private IPs no are detected with any code.

I think what solution is.

Find any parameter for define why ClientHost_country_code exclude the empty codes.
Find any parameter or wildcard that detect privates IPs and so exclude in my filter.

Wait can helpme, thanks!

(Jan Doberstein) #2

Sorry - but from what you have written it is not clear:

  1. what your goal is finaly
  2. what you are using (Software, Version, Content Packs,)
  3. what data you ingest

(system) #3

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