Field graph series name

Is the way to set name of series on stacked graph?
I can edit fields, queries and functions
But I can’t set names of series :frowning:
I think show “count action, “streams:5971e8b392dff033cdb13b69 AND (exists:action AND NOT action:Skipped)”” for big bosses - is bad idea.
I need it to create informational dashboard

graylog version is: Graylog 2.4.3+2c41897

Please elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve and provide some screenshots for illustration if possible.

I think it may be more useful if I can set series name on this screen
as example:
blue: all messages
yellow: messages marked as spam

ofc not only one graph
I think it is more useful for operators and their bosses

Changing the labels of graphs is currently not possible.

Feel free to create a feature request at

For reference:

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