Field Content Alert Conditions Not Triggering

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Hey all.

I’ve encountered a really strange problem today and I’ve been bashing my head against a wall trying to resolve it all day.

I have a load of Field Content alert conditions configured and they were all working fine up until ~13:00 UTC

Example Condition:

The MitreRef field is created and value assigned in a pipeline and is then routed into the stream which this alert condition is attached to.
I can see the messages in the system and the field/value has been assigned as expected however, the alert condition is still not triggering…

Example Message:


The time of the Graylog system and the Source system are the same. I have managed to get a Message Count Alert Condition to trigger successfully, it just appears to be the Field Content Alert Conditions that are failing for me.

Software Version

  • Graylog Version: 2.4.6+ceaa7e4
  • Elasticsearch Version: 5.6.14
  • MongoDB Version: 3.6.10

I have built a new box, imported everything I need. I can see that all my streams and pipelines are working as expected but, the same issue is persisting.

Has anyone got any ideas on this?



(Jake Smith) #2

Jesie / Graylog devs

Is theee a way to get Graylog to log in debug / developer mode from the configuration file log4j.xml ?

Could it be a corrupt index or field mappjng which prevents the field match ?

Does the field match condition only match on text fields?



(Jesse Hills) #3

Looking at the graylog-server log file after setting the Subsystem: Graylog logging value to Debug, I can see lines like the following when the alert conditions are being checked.

2019-02-12T11:09:51.744Z DEBUG [AlertScanner] Alert condition [ca06ab3b-6042-42b9-8a4e-0109adca5edb:field_content_value={field: MitreRef, value: T1070, grace: 0, repeat notifications: true}, stream:={5a5393300061f42d271a7145: “Threat Hunt”}] is not triggered and is marked as resolved. Nothing to do.

I’m pretty much just scraping the barrel for ideas as to why this is no longer working but should the content of field_content_value not be like the below:

field_content_value={"field": "MitreRef", "value": "T1070", "grace": 0, "repeat notifications": true}

(Jesse Hills) #4

Additionally, I have updated to Graylog 2.5.1+34194da and the issue persists through the upgrade.


(Jesse Hills) #5

Update… is has suddenly started working again!?!

Think we may have to blame cosmic rays for this one, doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.


(Jan Doberstein) #6

you might run into this:

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