Enterprise License email delivery failing

When applying for a free enterprise license I received an email without a license key. The text file attached does not contain the enterprise license either.

Are there any issues with the enterprise licensing components?

he @devopslog

could you please share the e-mail/name you have used for the license with me. I would be able to check the logs and provide the license.


Hello Jan,

The email was jinen821@rutgers.edu and the account name is Jinen Shah.


He @devopslog

the License was delivered completely - you got a personal message here.

I got the same issue …
no keys in the email nor in the attached license-file.txt

Thank you for taking a look
(my email is ebriccaATgmailDOTcom)

the attached license-file.txt contains only the email template:

please forward the complete e-mail attached (that the headers are readable) to me jan_AT_graylog_DOT_com


mail sent with attachments :slight_smile:

is resolved …
the attached txt document contains now the key

thanks you

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