Elasticsearch PivotAggregationSearch errors after upgrade to 4.1 ES 7.14

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After a more or less successful upgrade to graylog 4.1 and elasticsearch 7.14 we are seeing a lot of the following errors in the graylog server log:
ERROR [PivotAggregationSearch] Aggregation search query returned an error: Elasticsearch exception [type=illegal_argument_exception, reason=maxSize must be >= 0 and < 2147483631; got: 2147483647]

There are no corresponding errors in the elasticsearch log.

Does anyone know what the source of these error is and how to fix them?

Operating system information

  • Ubuntu

Package versions

  • Graylog

  • MongoDB

  • Elasticsearch

Hello @tgarons,

Unfortunately Elasticsearch 7.14 isn’t supported.


We (… OK, I :crazy_face:…) accidentally upgraded elasticsearch to 7.14 and I am seeing those errors in my Graylog log as well. I also see that my index registers as having been created 52 years ago (punch cards, I am sure!) From what I can tell so far this results in widgets on dashboards failing to load properly on occasion - usually a single refresh will fix that. Had I been a bit more astute I would have caught that we shouldn’t upgrade Elastic when doing a general Ubuntu upgrade … and I would have put a hold on Elastic to 7.10.

I was considering adding a 7.10 version to the cluster, then dropping/rebuilding the 7.14 machines but I am not sure it is possible - Elastic cluster may choke on versioning or data may get lost/corrupted. Still…it would be a good exercise to go though though… :thinking:


At the very least a package hold to prevent future accidental upgrades is warranted, which is what I did after the upgrade to 7.12.

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Let me know how adding a 7.10 node works out for you. As I totally hosed three months worth of data when I upgraded from 5.6->6.8->7.14 I may just start from scratch, but if there was a smoother way to get a supported release that would be great. As it is things seem to be working for the most part aside from those errors—the stuff I care about—streams, alerts, plugin configurations all seem functional. If 7.14 is on the road map I’m willing to live with the errors for a while.

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I had this happen to myself a couple times and what I started doing after a install was pinning by repository name.


Same problem here, everything was working fine until I add a third graylog node to complete my cluster,

now I get a lot of “ERROR [PivotAggregationSearch]” in my logs resulting to a non working aggregation so now all my alerts with aggregation results won’t work anymore…
Is there a way to fix this please?

Graylog version: 4.0.11
ES version: 7.14

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