Docker compose up file got wrong variables

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Can someone explain me what wrong with my graylog docker compose file . I tried to put some environement following the tutorial.


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ok so i put quote around the value !
here what i got now !
should i create the directory before running docker-compose ? didnt understand the part of the tutorial for persistent data.

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what tutorial are you following?

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hello, thanks for the reply ! this tutorial :

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/graylog/data/journal and /graylog/config from the examples in the documentation have to be existing local directories which are mounted into the Graylog Docker container.

See for details.

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Hello thanks for the answer but can you be more verbose i’m new to docker !
where should i create this directories ? what the full path ? i went to
/user/share and created these directories but error still happenned !

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You can use an arbitrary path on your host machine for these directories, they don’t have to be at /graylog/data/journal and /graylog/config.

Just make sure to mount them at the correct path inside the container, i. e. /usr/share/graylog/data/journal and /usr/share/graylog/data/config.

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here my docker compose file please help me figure it out !

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Please read again what I’ve written in my last post:

Additionally, I’d recommend using the virtual appliance (OVA) if you don’t want to learn Docker basics right now:

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ok thanks i finally understood it.

i can see the mongo and elasticsearch container running docker ps but not

where can look to see what go wrong ?

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You can check the logs of the Docker container:

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can’t look into the logs of a container if it didn’t started ! here what i

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Well, you can see the error message on your screenshot:

If REST and Web interface are served on the same host/port, the protocols must be identical!

TLS (HTTPS) must be used on both listeners (Graylog REST API and Graylog web interface) if they’re running on the same network interface (port).

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hello, i keep fighting to make graylog works with ssl
i generated ssl with letsencrypt. seem like letsencrypt privkey is not in
pkcs8 format so i used openssl to do the change.

any tutorial with using letsencrypt ?

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See for details about configuring HTTPS in Graylog.

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