Docker based deployment question: "--link" feature to be deprecated?

I’m trying to create a docker based Graylog-community deployment for production use. I’m trying to keep it simple so far: two servers - one running the Graylog + Mongo containers and the other running the ES container.

When reviewing the Graylog Docker instructions (, there is usage of a Docker feature/function called “–link” in the sample to enable internal communications between the solution containers (Mongo, ES and Graylog). It appears thought that the “–link” feature/function is going to be deprecated at some point ( with the direction now being docker user-defined networks.

Has anyone performed a Docker based deployment of Graylog using user-defined networks instead of --links? If so, are there any examples that can be uploaded for reference?



Yes the feature is deprecated … You are welcomed to update the documentation as this is open source too.

I had create a lab myself but did not have the time yet to make this into the documentation:

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