Error installing docker

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Hi, I want to see if you can help me. I’m installing graylog on Debian 9 via Docker.

I am installing following the guidelines of this link:

But when I give the following command:

docker run --link mongo --link elasticsearch
-p 9000: 9000 -p 12201: 12201 -p 514:514
-e GRAYLOG_ROOT_PASSWORD_SHA2 = 8c6976e5b5410415bde908bd4dee15dfb167a9c873fc4bb8a81f6f2ab448a918
-d graylog / graylog: 2.4.3-1

Returns the following error:

docker: Error response from daemon: Can not link to non running container: /elasticsearch AS /relaxed_bohr /elasticsearch.

Can someone help me?

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Please post all Docker commands you’ve been executing and their complete output.

Alternatively, you can use the working docker-compose.yml files from the README of the official Graylog Docker image.

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These were the commands:

root@ramage:/home# docker run --name mongo -d mongo:3
Unable to find image 'mongo:3' locally
3: Pulling from library/mongo
b0568b191983: Pull complete 
1e8b5b4e67a0: Pull complete 
a87b29dbb553: Pull complete 
908c259a6a99: Pull complete 
2fdec16e62a3: Pull complete 
e233c6c476cb: Pull complete 
671c302f3b40: Pull complete 
207ff3c88601: Pull complete 
3a7998bea9fd: Pull complete 
18d605d67f26: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:d969194a7c4dcd817cae5dc726b1493547a3ad3f1b30f7f58857adc9ae6a4483
Status: Downloaded newer image for mongo:3
root@ramage:/home# docker run --name elasticsearch \
>     -e "" -e "" \
>     -d
Unable to find image '' locally
5.6.6: Pulling from elasticsearch/elasticsearch
af4b0a2388c6: Pull complete 
b38bf2a27b60: Pull complete 
6a0ea0f40021: Pull complete 
3e7781a52817: Pull complete 
e0af77f8861b: Pull complete 
a8e193aaf8e5: Pull complete 
dfecfe608622: Pull complete 
6b9e8c0e067e: Pull complete 
3f7a75c77c6c: Pull complete 
50aec1f5a7dc: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:1c99f43cfd87dd658cfbcba3a8d23a091b1936d1f2ec005710423fee99f05e69
Status: Downloaded newer image for
root@ramage:/home# docker run --link mongo --link elasticsearch \
>     -p 9000:9000 -p 12201:12201 -p 514:514 \
>     -e GRAYLOG_PASSWORD_SECRET=password \
>     -e GRAYLOG_ROOT_PASSWORD_SHA2=8c6976e5b5410415bde908bd4dee15dfb167a9c873fc4bb8a81f6f2ab448a918 \
>     -d graylog/graylog:2.4.3-1
Unable to find image 'graylog/graylog:2.4.3-1' locally
2.4.3-1: Pulling from graylog/graylog
723254a2c089: Pull complete 
abe15a44e12f: Pull complete 
409a28e3cc3d: Pull complete 
a9511c68044a: Pull complete 
9d1b16e30bc8: Pull complete 
0fc5a09c9242: Pull complete 
d34976006493: Pull complete 
3b70003f0c10: Pull complete 
a25f0855e208: Pull complete 
669125f8ac69: Pull complete 
520ff2312ccf: Pull complete 
af467cd82ab3: Pull complete 
448b5133f3da: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:dcdf071e33efcffe2157cadfd5298e92829d4c6e11a97eb46558b2bb722bf04b
Status: Downloaded newer image for graylog/graylog:2.4.3-1
docker: Error response from daemon: Cannot link to a non running container: /elasticsearch AS /stupefied_stallman/elasticsearch.

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Check the logs of the Elasticsearch container. It looks like the container never started successfully.

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