Do I need liense for graylog? if we use it to forward logs to the SEMI internal and the SEMI side is SAAS

Hi all,

As the title, we have some start-up ideas for a cyber security company. currently, we are in the research stage. We plan to use Graylog to collect and parse the logs and forward them to the open-source SEIM. and on the SEIM side, we planned to sell the dashboard to the client as SAAS.

We are not planning to sell the Graylog to clients and they will have no access to the Graylog’s dashboard.

My question is do we need a license for using the Graylog Open?

thanks for your helps.

You will want to check this post about how Graylog uses SSPL

Thanks, Joel, I have read the license, and there is no clear answer for me which is why I am seeking help here.

I’m not a lawyer, but I would say it sounds like your use breaks the SSPL license.

Using graylog to monitor you own web app is fine.

Using graylog as part of the value (what people are paying for) ie log parsing etc is where to issue lies. agpl - MongoDB's SSPL license: what does "offering as a service" actually mean? - Open Source Stack Exchange

Thanks Joel, I get it now