Displaying top 10 most common error messages on Dashboard?

Hi Team,

Would there be any way to dispay a table of data on the dashboard for example:

  • 10 most common error messages received from a given source

I can generate some useful table data in the views but it doesn’t seem possible to put those tables of data onto the dashboard? Or is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

he @masonb81

when you go with the latest release of Graylog such is possible. But as you did not share your Version I can’t help further.

I’d also be interested in this. I just updated to 3.2.3.

TIA, let me know if I need to open a new post


We are running Graylog 3.1.4 deployed by helm into a kubernetes cluster. Can you advise how it’s possible to show the table of data in the latest version?




you need a way to identify the error messages - by a given field or by a query.

when that is given you can use the ability to Aggregate that into a datatable.

Sorry but without knowing how your messages look like it is hard to tell how you can reach your goal


Once you have the data table, how do you add that to a dashboard? Is this only something available in the latest version? We have deployed Graylog with helm and the latest stable release seems to be 3.1.4 that we are using. The tables in the views etc don’t seem to have an option to put them onto the dashboard.

Thanks for your assistance.


Graylog 3.2 joined function of views and dashboards, so basicly you have same functionality like views in dashboards in 3.2.

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