Disable searches in all streams when I open Graylog

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We have structured Graylog in a way that each service has its own stream. When I open the graylog, it searches in all the streams by default. This causes a heavy operation which is time consuming and user has to wait for its completion before he can fire his own search. This brings an unnecessary delay and a heavy operation execution. Can somebody please guide me to disable this?
One option I see is that I can make changes in JS to select a stream by default. But If it can be handled via configuration, that will be better.

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It would help if we had more details about your environment.

This could give you a better Idea.

Hi @gsmith , I did not understand what kind of details are you looking for.
We are using Graylog in our production environment to manage logs of multiple services.
We have created a different stream for each service (~50).
Please let know what other details are required

From what you told me this is all I know about your environment.

If you read the link above, specially the part

Details you should always include

This would be very helpfull in helping you. I kinda get the sum of what your talking about. I just set mine as shown below. Its a drop down, in the stream that was created. See the red box.

I’m running Graylog 4.0.5, ES 7.10 and MongDB 4.2 All on one server. It has 1 TB storage, 10 GB RAM, and 10 CPU’s. It handles 30 million files a day = about 30 GB per day. No problems

I hope this helps.

Thanks @gsmith. Understood what details you were asking. I tried “Set as startpage” but it was disabled. I read about it and got to know that it doesn’t work for the admin account. I used another user with admin role and I am able to set the startpage.
This has helped in reducing initial load time.

Thanks !!!

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