Dell switch add to Graylog Server

Dear Guide,
after I install grayog opens already and up, but when i add new input with dell switch it not running and no log, please. help me for full guide step by step.


Well hello @chamrong007
Not much to go on to help you. The template that is shown before you would have helped. So basically we would need more info

I am noob and I have set up a Graylog v4.2.7+879e651
Set the desired port you want to have (1550)
Config ports under system/inputs at the port you want to use

Then you are all set on the server

Then You need to SSH to the switch
(use Putty or Bitvise Client)

port 1550
description “Graylog”

Save config
copy running-config startup-config

This would help

Dear Broher,

thanks very much for your respond, and it help fully


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