Dell SonicWall VPN - GL3

Dell SonicWall VPN - GL3


his content pack include the following:

  • SonicWall VPN Audit (24hr) - Dashboard
    • Includes successfull vpn connection stats
    • Includes failed connection stats
  • SonicWall Input
    • Raw/Plaintext UDP on port 12205
    • 11 Extractors that parse the default SonicWall syslog messages for information
  • SonicWall VPN Steam
    • Graylog Stream that collects all syslog messages that contain ‘VPN’ in the ‘msg’ field

How to use

  1. Configure your SonicWall to forward Syslog to your graylog instance on UDP Port 12205.
  2. Update Steam rules to capture SonicWall VPN messages.