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Hi Everybody,

I have a problem with my message form syslog UDP :

someone already had the case ?
With Syslog TCP i havent problem


Not a lot of data to go on with that… Here are some tips to posting questions: here and here… giving more information will help the impoverished forum reader with figuring out what you are doing, what you have tried and what you are trying to accomplish… While you are reading those posts, you can try receiving the input with RAW/Plaintext Input. if you are still seeing a garbled mess, you may need to look more closely to how it is being sent out…

Hi, I understood,

But i cant give more detail, I dont uderstand, now i receive the log in clear…
anyone ever seen my problem ?

More detail ideas that are helpful are listed in the links I gave you - Anyone answering you here is doing so in their spare time so it is nice if you give a little more information about your environment to help. If you are just looking for someone who has had your specific issue before, you are significantly narrowing the amount of help that can be offered. Things to share (at the very least) like:

  • What device is sending the messages?
  • Is the device set up to send Syslog UDP?
  • Did it work before?
  • Did you change anything?
  • What does an example message look like
  • What have you tried before and what were the results
  • Did you try the suggested RAW input? What were the results?
  • By “receive the log in the clear” does that mean you had ssl set up for log shipping and set up on the inputs… not clear what you mean by that

If your input is receiving garbled data it is highly likely that you are using the wrong input for the messages sent in… RAW will give you the data without trying to parse out standardized fields like the Syslog Input does…

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