Data table is converting timestamp to wrong time

Hi all,

I have built a datatable that displays a curtain message it it has the pass\fail object that ive built for it.

the table itself works great but the problem is the timestamp that is shown in the table is converted to be 3 hours prior to the actual timestamp the message was recieved in (see screenshot below: above is the message it the datatable and below is the same message in message table)

timezone settings

it is running utc+3 and the time configurations are correct for all.

thr datatable configurations is as simple as it can be:
group by: timestamp, message, Result (pass\fail object)

sort by - timestamp

type Data Table


We’re tracking this as a known issue here: Show user's timezone in `latest(timestamp)` in DataTable · Issue #15339 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub

Unfortunately no estimate as to when this will be fixed though. You can subscribe to that github issue to receive updates though.

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