Dashing Dashboards Contest Details and Rules

Dashing Dashboard Contest starts June 21

Are you up for a challenge? Post your best dashboard along with a compelling data story and win stuff! Monthly winners. Contest through Sept 21, 2022. Post your dashboard and votes to this category.

Submit screenshots of your dashboard (you’re encouraged to blur any private information such as IP addresses, etc). Include a short data story about the purpose of the dashboard and how it keeps you informed of important data. Participants must use Graylog to create compelling data stories that are also visually appealing. The submissions need to be posted to the Dashing Dashboard by September 21, 2022.

Details and Rules: Dashboards must contain Graylog elements and will be judged on aesthetics, usability, and usefulness. Community members are encouraged to vote for their favorite dashboard. Each entry will be judged by one or more of the following Graylog judges: Lennart, Abe, Jeff, Patrick M. and David. Winners announced each month. Monthly winning entries will be awarded Graylog T-Shirts or other Graylog-branded swag!

Rules for submission

  1. Please include screenshots and text narrative describing the dashboard, its elements, the goal of the dashboard, and how the data helps your organization.
  2. Please maintain proper security, blurring any private data in your screenshot, as you see fit.
  3. Multiple submissions (of different dashboards) each month are allowed but each individual is only eligible for one prize per monthly contest.