About the Dashing Dashboard Aug 2022 (Enter/Vote) category

Our Dashing Dashboards Contest continues with new entries (between July 22 and August 21). Please place your entry here. For dashboards submitted in July, check out our Contests, Podcasts, & Blogs category in the Graylog Open Community.

Rules: If you didn’t win last month’s contest, you can re-enter by posting your entry from last month here, or post another dashboard. Votes from the July contest (June 21-July 21) don’t count.

You must post clear screenshots of the dashboard (blur out any sensitive data for security reasons). Include text that explains your dashboard: what it is, what it does, how is it useful to your organization, etc.

Be sure to vote for your favorite dashboards! The August winner will be chosen during the last week in August. Entries posted after Aug 21 will be considered for the September contest.