Dashboard widget to show down messages

Hi All,

we use graylog dashbard on a display in our office.
We are happy to see all top errors from our applications

We would also like to see some messages in a widget they will disappear when they are solved.

For example service down or job was not successful:

Do you think there is a way to get this running in a graylog dashboard?
Thank you!

Graylog is not a monitoring-system like icinga, checkmk or others. Its a logging-system. Having a dashboard with a traffic light like overview is not the primary purpose and therefore not easy to do.

If you have messages for services going up and messages for services going up you can define a widget for each of those services with the last message only. You will see the state and act accordingly.
If you have messages for services going down only I’d recommend to have some kind of list of them and work on that list.

I think your Graylog-version is still 2.x or something? I’d recommend to update to a later version!

Hi ihe,
thank you! Yes i know this is not the main case of graylog.
that’s a good idea. I think we will log every 10 min. And show at the dashboard only messages <10min.
Best regards Jochen

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