Dashboard and Overview pages are empty after the upgrade


Hello guys! i just upgrade graylog to the last version (2.4) but when i open the Dashboard or Overview, it is blank/empty. do you know how to fix that please?

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How did you upgrade Graylog?
Have you tried clearing the browser cache?
What’s in the logs of your Graylog node(s)?
What’s in the Developer Console of your web browser?


i upgraded with these commands:
wget https://packages.graylog2.org/releases/graylog-omnibus/ubuntu/graylog_latest.deb
sudo graylog-ctl stop
sudo dpkg -G -i graylog_latest.deb
sudo graylog-ctl backup-etcd
sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure
sudo reboot
My cache is cleared and i tried with many browsers. I think my logs are clean as well
Find attached the log and developer console pictures

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Please post the complete log file (and not just a screenshot of the last few lines).
Also remove all third party plugins you might be using (e. g. the aggregates plugin).


@jochen thanks the problem is solved. it was caused by the plugin quick values that i forgot to delete.

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