Custom Grok pattern

Hi all,

I’m looking for making a dashboard with datas coming from PLCs.

Theese datas look like


I have to create for each line a variable called with the value of tag (DO_SIMU[199].1 or kfmdsfsmdlf.i1 for example) and to put in this value the value of value

This last step seems to be easy with json

So I’m looking for create a grok pattern that just return me something like


excluding all the rest.

If somebody have an idea, I thank him in advance.

I progressed since.

With a 1st pattern ( ^[[^]]) I created an intermediate field who’s the same without the square brakets.
On this intermediate field, I applied (\A{%{QS}:%{QS:xxx_tag},%{QS}:%{QS:xxx_value},%{QS}:%{QS}}) with only the named tags.
So I now have two fields : xxx_tag and xxx_value

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