Create screen with the main errors in the last few hours in graylog

I would like to create a screen that shows the main errors in the last few hours?


Linux or windows logs?

using linux operating system


Linux, depending on the file you want. Is it a service that you want as “main errors in the last few hours” or is it the Operating system that you want “main errors in the last few hours”.

Windows, you could extract the “EventID” with the “Channel” OR use a fields called “Severity” which should have your WARN, ERROR, INFO status. From there you can create your Widget/Dashboards. This would depend on how your shipping those logs and what type of Input your using.

In my graylog I use sidecar filebeat collector to capture the log of my application. I would like to create a table that shows the top 10 errors that occur.
I use version 4.3.8 of graylog.

Hey @alanlima25

You would need to extrac the error and create the field from that message. Once completed you can create your top 10 errors.

As for extracting the error in logs, you could either use Extractors or Pipelines.

Here are simple examples…


regex_value: (\s+ERROR)


rule "linux"

    has_field("message") AND contains(to_string($message.message), "ERROR")

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