Show top errors/events within the last hour/day?

So I’ve added a “php_fatal_error” extractor which will look for all messages which match “PHP Fatal error: (.+)”. Nice!

I can use search for “php_fatal_error:*” and I see it correctly extracts the values into:

Uncaught exception ABC happened

Uncaught exception XYZ happened

Very nice!

Now, how do I get graylog to do something really useful with it?

Say, I’d like to see top 10 errors for php_fatal_error in the last hour:

count  link to events  message
127        ---         Uncaught exception ABC happened
112        ---         Uncaught exception XYZ happened
95         ---         Fatal X in /path/to/file.php:18

Is it possible with graylog?

hej @tchwpkgorg

the quick values widget might be what you are looking for.