Create an alert in graylog when sidecar status is unknown or failing

Hi All,

Graylog version 3.1.3
Graylog sidecar version 1.0.2

We have deployed graylog sidecar in our end user machine and the metricbeat collector is configured to that sidecar in graylog web interface. But when the sidecar is status unknown or failing we want graylog to send alert notification to an email or http endpoint.

The below screenshot shows that the sidecar is in Unknown state,

and I was checking in the graylog api browser where I can see the below API’s for manage sidecar,

I have tried using the GET /sidecars/{sidecarId} --> Returns at most one Sidecar summary for the specified id and able to see the status of the sidecar in the response, I want this response message to create an alert in graylog. Is it possible to get an alert?

Please share your thoughts and it would be very helpful.

Ganeshbabu R


currently no event is created for that. But we already have a feature request that does exactly that.

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