Agent graylog-collector-sidecar

hello guys

I performed the installation of the graylog, mongodb and elaticsearch environment the docker compose link reference and I am trying to configure graylog-collector-side-car I used the link, but on the client. In graylog in System Collector I see the status of the webserver running, but graylog does not capture apache logs for example. The filebeat is running. in Linux messages I have this log / usr / bin / graylog-collector-sidecar [114041]: time = “2019-09-27T13: 06: 09-03: 00” level = error msg = "[UpdateRegistration] Failed to report collector status to server: "

Getting Started - Graylog v3.1.2 + 9e96b08aylog

Not sure why you refer to 2.1 documentation if you use graylog 3.1
General logic is like this:

  1. Create input
  2. Configure sidecar on graylog side, obtain API token
  3. Install sidecar+filebeat on the host
  4. Configure sidecar on the client side, put token obtained on the step 2.

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