Collector-Sidecar notify if status failed

Hello, i asked this question previous year and now we are in 2.2.3 'version.
“collector-sidecar is great but if it have a problem (service stopped for example or routing data (we don’t know what can an administrator do with his computer), we want graylog send an alert (mail or http) consistent with status (Last seen more than X minutes for example, so ‘there is a problem with collector-sidecar !’). Is it possible ?“
An answer by Marius Sturm :” Currently it’s not possible to send an alert but with the upcoming 2.1 release the sidecar is sending a status signal back to Graylog. So when you enable the ‘send_status’ option you can see on the collector web page which collector has a broken configuration or just crashed.”

My question : how to make this working ?

hej @Seko

with the current stable release of Graylog and the latest release of Sidecar you get the status and the overview of active/inactive sidecar agents in the Graylog Interface. You will not be able to create an alert out of Graylog if a sidecar agent is not sending data anymore.

Did you create a feature request for that over at github?


Thanks Jan, i 'm trying to do it with a JSON path from HTTP API 's Input.
Should i give up or there is some hope ?

Hej @Seko

if you provide an feature issue that contains a description and a use case that also other will benefit from that might be added in the future.

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