Correct path to upgrade graylog 3.0 cluster to 3.2


How should be the upgrade path coming from a graylog 3.0 cluster (3 nodes) to the latest version?
Should I jump to 3.1 and then 3.2 or I can go directly to 3.2? What is it recommended?

The elasticsearch service is running on dedicated servers already.

All running on Ubuntu Servers 16.04

I look forward for an answer,
Thanks in advance,

check the graylog’s docs. There are a lot of information about config changes between versions.
And to make a plus update I think it’s only 5-10 minutes, so I would do it step-by-step.
You can’t loose with it. (But I think there were no big changes in 3.1)

as @macko003 said, check the docs and see whats changed and is relevant to your environment.

Scroll up on the link for changes since 3.0

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