Content alert condition on float field

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can I use the content alert condition on a float field, like time_request?

I want to get an alert if time_request is greater than 60 (seconds).
Right now it does not work:
Field: time_request
Value: >60

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Graylog 2.4.4

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The alert conditions in Graylog are evaluated in a specific interval for a given time range.
This means, that they don’t work on single messages, but on all messages in that time range.

You could probably build a Field Aggregation Alert condition which checks the maximum value of the “time_request” field over a given time range:

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thanks for the hint. I will check it out and let you know what’s the result.


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Hello Jochen,

great, it works!

Next question:
How can I add the exact message that triggered the alert into the resulting alert mail?

Wiht backlog I got some mails which are too late, that is, the actual triggering message is not in the backlog.

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As I mentioned before, there are always multiple messages in an alert.

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