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Hi GL,

I’m using Metricbeat for GL 2.4.

I’ve created pibelines and rewritten metric beat_system_memory_used_pct * 100 to get rid of floating % like 0,1

When creating conditions to alert if memory usage exceeds 80 %, the alarms are not responding.

Do I have to use: has_field(field, [message]) : Boolean to make a new field with a static value that the alert (field content alert condition) can respond to or can it be done more simple?


(Jochen) #2

Maybe you should share your pipeline rules, your alerts configuration, and some example messages.

Otherwise it’s not more than bad guess work.

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It’s allways a pleasure to receive your great support Jochen,


rule "metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct"
  let tmp = to_long(to_double($message.metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct) * 100.0);
  set_field("metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct_long", tmp);


Configuration: Alert is triggered when messages matching <metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct_long: ">80"> are received. Grace period: 5 minutes. Not including any messages in alert notification. Configured to repeat notifications.

this dosn’t make sence: metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct_long: ">80.

The pipeline is giving me the fields a need, it’s just the alerts which is wrong.

(Jochen) #4

The Field Content Alert Condition literally only checks the field content for a string match. Numeric fields can only be checked for their exact value with that.

As a workaround, you could create a stream consisting of only messages with metricbeat_system_memory_used_pct > 80 and create an alert condition which is triggered if there’s a message in that stream.

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Great, I’ll try it out. Thank you Jochen.

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