Consolidated and Aggregated Data Metrics from Graylog into Snowflake Reporting Tables

We require 5 minute aggregate for the following stats Http status, Http verb and Average call duration for each http status consolidated and Aggregated from Graylog into Snowflake Reporting Tables…

we have below data on Graylog in the form of Widgets

  • Aggregates of 5 minutes for stats
  • Metrics
    • sum of http statuses in groups (200’s, 400’s, 500’s)
    • sum of http verb (GET, OPTION, POST, etc.) for each status above
    • average duration for each group of statuses

now we need to export the data and push it into Snowflake Reporting Table

Can I please know the possible ways to get metrics data from Graylog statuses into Snowflake.


@gagansingh8792 AFAIK, Graylog does not support exporting the data/search and push it into a third-party reporting tool. But you can perform to exporting your search on to your Graylog dashboard.
Here is the reference documentation link:

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