Dashboard widget Sum of Byte Sent Received by Host

Good day folks,

I am trying get the following similar to following on dashboard.

Host A, Sum of (Byte Sent) , Sum of (Byte Received)
Host B, Sum of (Byte Sent) , Sum of (Byte Received)
Host C, Sum of (Byte Sent) , Sum of (Byte Received)

Host A is value of field 1
Byte Sent is value of field 2
Byte Received is value of field 3

Out of the box, using Quick Value widget, I can get the count of field 1. But not the sum of field 2 and field 3 based on field 1.

Is there anyway I can achieve the objective. I vaguely guess ES aggregation query and bit of plugin coding might be required.

I would like to know the direction and some guide to do so. I can do basic plugin coding for graylog and ES queries.

I will be happy to hear alternative approach to achieve the objective too.



Hey @yett,

you want to do data aggregation, which Graylog does not support yet.
See here:

for more details.

If you want to have the functionality, you will have to code a plugin for that yourself. I’m sorry, but I’m not that far into Graylog Plugins regarding search yet to give any qualified advise ^^

Greetings - Phil

@derPhlipsi Thanks.

The other post crafted the question better. I will explore the option. Quick Value Widget might be the start I guess. I will share here when I found the viable solution.